Our Board of Directors

The commitment to this region is exemplified by the Alliance Board of Directors. The Board members are very active members of the community who contribute their years of experience in business, manufacturing, banking, finance, government and property management, as well as countless hours of their time for the promotion, growth and enhancement of Crawford County. Current Board Members are the following:

  • William Bragg
  • Richard Burkhardt
  • Kenneth Deane
  • William DeArment
  • William Douglass Jr.
  • Paul Huber
  • Gayle Knapp
  • Bonnie Kuhn
  • Joseph Ledford
  • Deborah Pipp
  • Thomas Stanton
  • Denny Watson
  • Matthew Coppola
  • James Cessna
  • Philip Pandolph
  • Christopher Soff

Executive Committee

  • Jim Becker -   Executive Director
  • William L. Bragg – President
  • Joseph C. Ledford – Vice President
  • Kenneth J. Deane – Secretary
  • Deborah Pipp – Treasurer
  • Richard B. Burkhardt – Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
  • Paul Huber - Board Member

Legal Counsel

  • John C. Swick - The Shafer Law Firm