The Alliance Staff

Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the mission of the Alliance is carried out by a highly experienced and skilled professional staff.

Jim Becker, Executive Director at EPACC

Jim Becker

Executive Director 

Angela Annibale, Deputy Executive Director at EPACC

Angela Annibale

Deputy Executive Director

Patricia Winsor, Director of Loans, Grants, and Compliance at EPACC

Patricia Winsor

Director of Loans, Grants and Compliance


Dustey Matheney, Director of Facilities & Maintenance at EPACC

Dusty Matheney

Director of Facilities & Maintenance


Sarah Fait, Marketing & Special Projects Coordinator at EPACC

Sarah Fait

Marketing & Special Projects Coordinator 

Kamiryn Matheney, Office Coordinator at EPACC

Kamiryn Matheney

Office Coordinator

Rebecca Smith, Tenant Relations Coordinator at EPACC

Rebecca Smith

Tenant Relations Coordinator

Michele Anderson, Accounting Staff at EPACC

Michele Anderson

Accounting Associate

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