Quick Facts

Census Population12,807,060
PA Population Rank Among States5th
Statewide Median Income$56,951
Crawford County
Census Population86,847
Median Age 42.8
Median Income$47,179
Land area (square miles)1,012.3044,742.70
Highways: Interstate highways near Meadville
I-79 (North/South)2 miles West (3 interchanges in Crawford County
1-80 (East/West)33 miles south
I-90 (East/West)32 miles north
I-76 (East/West)73 miles south
I-70 (East/West)113 miles south
Port Meadville AirportVernon Township
Erie International Airport45 minutes north
Pittsburgh International Airport1.5 hours south
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport2 hours west
County Government
PositionNameTerm Ends
Commissioner Eric Henry2024
Commissioner John Christopher Soff 2024
Commissioner Francis F. Weiderspahn, Jr.2024
Sheriff Dave Powers2024
TreasurerChris Krzysiak 2024
StructureOptional Charter
County SeatMeadville

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